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PHA10: Accelerating a Healthier Future Virtual Summit

April 28, 2020 -- 1pm - 3pm ET

In an online convening on April 28, PHA will celebrate a decade of impact while also launching the next wave of innovation from PHA and its partners. After 10 years of market disruption in the health and nutrition space, we have never been more certain of the opportunity to fulfill our mission: enabling Americans to lead healthier lives, free from diet-related conditions, by leveraging the power of the private sector, all in pursuit of health equity

PHA is a convener of talented innovators, bold disruptors, creative thinkers, and determined doers - and we invite you to join us at our annual Summit - held virtually for the very first time! Be part of the movement to propel our partner companies and mission-driven organizations forward in today’s rapidly evolving marketplace.

To view this event click the sessions tab on April 28th, you can then click to view the available sessions.

Interested in learning more about Partnership for a Healthier America? Visit our website. Questions about PHA10? E-mail us at:

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Opening Remarks

Dr. James Gavin
Board Chair, Partnership for a Healthier America

Michelle Obama
Former First Lady of the United States and Honorary Chair, Partnership for a Healthier America

Remarks from Premier Sponsor Novo Nordisk

Douglas Langa
President, Novo Nordisk Inc.

Keynote & ‘Laptop-Side’ Chat | Beyond Meat

Ethan Brown

Founder & CEO, Beyond Meat

Chris Paul

NBA All-Star

Nancy E. Roman

President & CEO,
Partnership for a Healthier America

Panel | From First Foods to Table Foods: Creating a World Where Kids Love Broccoli

Research has shown that introducing babies and young children to vegetables helps to train early taste buds to accept this important food group as they transition to table foods. However, many options in the marketplace rely on the sweetness of fruit, preventing opportunities to introduce bitter flavors and shape taste preferences. As the desire for early introduction increases, innovative companies are leading the way in offering more veggie-forward options. Will this continue to be the trend? How can healthier options be made more accessible to all? Hear from baby food manufacturers and public health advocates on tackling challenges with early palate development, the current guidelines under review, and the role industry can play in changing the trajectory for a new generation of broccoli lovers.

Jennifer Chow
Co-Founder, Nurture Life

Bettina Elias Siegel
Advocate & Author, Kid Food

Laura Reiley
Reporter, The Washington Post

Shannon Whaley
Director of Research and Evaluation, PHFE WIC

Panel | Healthy Shelves: The Role of Retail in Transforming the Marketplace

From new product innovations to online ordering to new technologies like artificial intelligence, the food retail environment is constantly changing. Retailers today have an opportunity to leverage these changes to drive access to and demand for better-for-you options, improving both customer health and their bottom line. Hear from leaders in the retail industry talk about the current landscape, what’s working and what’s not, and what they believe the future will bring.

Carla Balakgie
President & CEO, NAMA

Gordon Reid
President, Stop & Shop

Jason Reiser
Executive Vice President, Chief Merchandising Officer, Dollar General

Darci Vetter
Vice Chair, Agriculture, Food and Trade, Edelman

Allison Ellison
Senior Director, Home & Community Health
Walmart U.S. Health and Wellness Edelman